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Premium Multifocal Lenses for Buffalo, Amherst & North Tonawanda, NY

An intraocular lens (IOL) is an artificial lens that is placed in the eye after a cataract is removed during cataract surgery. These lenses replace the eye's natural lens and remain in the eye permanently. These lenses are classified as Monofocal or Premium. Monofocal lens implants have a single zone of focus, and usually provide great distance vision, but require that patients wear glasses to see clearly, particularly for up close and intermediate vision. Premium lenses provide enhanced vision over monofocal lenses and little or no dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Premium lenses include Multifocal IOLs, Accommodative IOLs, and Toric IOLs.

Multifocal lens implants have three primary vision zones that allow patients to see at far distances, near distances, and intermediate distances. Accommodative IOLs use the eyes' muscles to assist in focusing at distance and intermediate vision. Both Accommodative and Multifocal IOLs have the potential to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.

Many cataract patients, in addition to suffering from either nearsightedness or farsightedness, also suffer from presbyopia, a natural change in the eyes that occurs as we age and requires us to use reading glasses after the age of forty. Premium lens implants are ideal for cataract patients who are also suffering from presbyopia and want a replacement lens that provides a full range of clear vision.

How Premium Lenses Work

Our eyes adjust to continuously focus on objects up close, far away, and distances in between. The ability of our eyes to change focus from far away to up close is called accommodation. As we age, our accommodation ability decreases, and we become more dependent on bifocals or reading glasses. Premium lens implants are designed to provide simultaneous quality vision at a range of distances by altering the optical surface of the implant itself using advanced laser-assisted lathing and molding technology. Multifocal lens patients are less dependent on glasses or contacts than monofocal lens patients.

Toric IOLs

Toric IOLs are specifically designed for patients with moderate to high levels of astigmatism. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea, the front surface of the eye, has an irregular shape that causes blurred vision. The cornea refracts (bends) light so it focuses on the retina in the back of the eye. With astigmatism, some of that light focuses in front of or behind the retina, so your vision may be blurry for nearby (hyperopia), far away (myopia) or all objects.

Indications of astigmatism can include headaches, eye strain, fatigue, and blurred or distorted vision. The severity of symptoms depends on the degree of astigmatism in your eyes. Astigmatism is frequently hereditary and can develop early in life.

Routine eye exams include testing for astigmatism, which affects many people. Traditionally, surgical correction of astigmatism required making a series of small incisions (called LRIs, or limbal relaxing incisions) around the cornea to make it more spherical instead of football-shaped. Implanting a Toric IOL eliminates astigmatism and improves vision without the need for these extra incisions, allowing patients to enjoy a faster, more comfortable recovery.

High Definition Customized Cataract Care

There are several different types of premium lens implants available for cataract patients. Dr. Siedlecki and our staff will work with you to decide which lens is best for your individual eyes to help you enjoy long-lasting, clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances. Your surgery experience will be customized to your eyes. We call this High Definition Customized Cataract Surgery because it is tailored to your individual needs. Between the choices of lenses available and the latest surgical techniques, there has never been a better time to have cataract surgery!

To speak with one of our doctors and discuss your options for cataract replacement lenses, please call us today to schedule a consultaLon in Williams, Orchard Park, or North Tonawanda, NY.

To get more information about each of the various lenses available at Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care, please click on the picture of the lens below. You will be directed to the website of that particular lens.

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implants | Multifocal IOLs | Toric IOLs | Amherst | North Tonawanda   Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implants | Multifocal IOLs | Toric IOLs | Amherst | North Tonawanda   Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implants | Multifocal IOLs | Toric IOLs | Amherst | North Tonawanda   Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implants | Multifocal IOLs | Toric IOLs | Amherst | North Tonawanda   Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implants | Multifocal IOLs | Toric IOLs | Amherst | North Tonawanda


Premium Lenses are not paid for by most major insurers. We make every effort to assist our patients in obtaining these high technology lenses. To make premium lenses affordable, Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care offers many financing options. For more information about our no-interest or low-interest financing through Care Credit, click on the link below.

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To learn more about how premium multifocal lenses can help you, be sure to contact one of the doctors at Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care. We can discuss the process further and determine if these lenses are a good fit for you. Help your eyes make adjustments easier today! Call 716-634-8500

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