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The Benefits of Multifocal Lenses

If you aren’t sure if multifocal lenses are right for you, let us help you decide.

When it comes to deciding what type of glasses to buy and wear, the decision can get complicated. It doesn’t have to be, though. One of the more complex types of glasses is the multifocal lens. Multifocallenses basically can have multiple prescriptions within the one lens. So, if you have trouble reading something up close and seeing objects far away, these lenses are perfect for you.

Multifocal lenses have a smooth transition from one prescription to the other, so you won’t notice the drastic difference in the prescriptions as much while looking through the lens. These types of lenses are great for people who are having trouble with their eyesight due to age.

Another benefit of multifocal lenses is that you have the option to have them permanently implanted in your eye after you have cataract surgery. Once implanted, they are long-lasting and you won’t have toworry about getting them replaced, ever. You’ll also never have to worry about taking your contacts out at the end of the day or scratching your glasses again.

So, if you are tired of having to carry around multiple different pairs of glasses and having to switch them out depending on what you are trying to look at, it may be time to consider multifocal lenses. We are proudly serving the Buffalo, NY; North Tonawanda, NY; Orchard Park, NY; Cheektowaga, NY; West Seneca, NY; Hamburg, NY; Amherst, NY; and East Aurora, NY areas.

If you have more questions regarding multifocal lenses or if you think that multifocal lenses could be a great fit for you, please give us a call today.

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