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Hamburg is a town in Erie County, New York. The town was formed in 1812 from the now-defunct town of Willink. One of the first town meetings resulted in a bounty of $5 being placed on wolf skins because they were bothering local settlers. In 1815, mail routes were established in the area. In the 1830s, German settlers began arriving and started successfully starting farms. Then in the 1850s, the Erie Railroad was through the area. The 1890s brought Polish and Italian immigrants to the area to support the growth of the regional steel industry. Today, the city covers an area of 41.35 square miles and has grown to become the home of over 60,000 residents.

Many of the residents of Hamburg experience eye problems such as blurred vision, inability to see or read objects from afar, or complete blindness. It is also a known fact that as we age, our ability to see clearly declines. It does not always have to be because of the result of an injury or illness. Regardless of what eye problems you have or why they are happening, our eye doctor can help.

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Do you have blurred vision? Is it hard to see objects or read from a distance? Our eye doctor is an experienced professional that can relieve many common eye issues. We can do cataract surgery to help blind patients gain their ability to see again. We can also do many other common eye surgeries such as laser eye surgery. Multifocal lenses are another common solution that our eye doctor prescribes to our patients. Contact us today to schedule an eye exam!

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Ophthalmology | Amherst | North Tonawanda Ophthalmology | Amherst | North Tonawanda

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