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About Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is the second largest city in NYS. The city grew significantly due to immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries. The population is currently over 260,000. Buffalo’s economy boomed with its grain, steel and automobile industries. The city then transitioned into an economy that relies heavily on services such as healthcare, research and education.

Buffalo’s location on the shore of Lake Erie and close distance to the Niagara Falls has provided an excellent source of electric power. Buffalo drives a lot of traffic due to the tourist attraction of the Niagara Falls. Not only does the Niagara Falls drive in crowds, but also the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills. Many fans gather in Buffalo to support their favorite sports teams.

If you live in Buffalo, then you know how cold and windy the winters can get. Buffalo gets a heavy amount of snow in the winter, causing blurry vision on the roads.

Bad vision of the Buffalo roads in the winter is normal, but if your blurred vision is because of your eyes, get them checked with an eye doctor at Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care. Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care has an ophthalmologist office located in Orchard Park, Williamsville, North Tonawanda and Buffalo, NY. Our eye doctors provide many services such as eye surgery, cataract surgery, Lasik surgery and lid lifts. If you are looking for a cataract or blurred vision doctor in the Buffalo area, contact Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care today!

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Ophthalmology | Amherst | North Tonawanda Ophthalmology | Amherst | North Tonawanda

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